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Far too many analysts and self-proclaimed “experts” have been calling for inflation for far too long. It almost feels like a rendition of “chicken little” with everyone yelling “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” With $16 trillion in current debt, $4 trillion more added over the next 5-10 years, and an estimated $80 [...]
As my involvement in agriculture and farmland related ventures continues to grow, I can’t help but pay attention to the growth in “smart money” flow into agricultural related assets. A simple Google search on cropland investments or farmland investments yields a plethora of information, showing the “who’s who” of institutional investing diving right into the [...]
The possibility that China will emerge as the “new” world superpower in the next two decades, is in my opinion, a serious possibility. No I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I didn’t buy into the Mayan calendar world ending predictions, and I am certainly among the people who think conspiracy theorists need another hobby (or a [...]
In today’s busy world, smart phones, laptops, iPads, breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, dinner meetings, and extra hours at the office is “normal.” As an entrepreneur, I loathe public holidays because it’s one less day of productivity. Yes, I’m one of the many neurotic “hypo-maniacs” that often feels like moving forward at anything less than 100 [...]
Farmland Investment Information: http://www.savantinvestments.com/ Unbeknown to many, including myself in years past, there has been a relatively quiet movement amongst pensions and hedge funds to invest massive amounts of capital in cropland across the world. The U.S. is certainly not the only place where these transactions are taking place…South America, Africa, Russia, Ukraine and countless [...]
This video is perhaps one of the best, most well rounded common sense approaches to the inflation argument I have seen in a long time. Even more powerful, is the insight into how this billionaire investor thinks. Interesting enough, he talks about his farmland investments. A must watch interview with Frank Giustra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=9o30gNfPq_k
Investing in farmland? You better believe it. “Consider this: Farmland is real estate, it is a hard asset, it will likely increase in value during inflationary times, it generates income, it offers the ability to get crop insurance to protect that income, and it’s easy to manage by leasing it to operating farmers. The questions [...]
Investment icons like George Soros, Jim Rogers, Carl Icahn, Warren Buffett and others have learned important lessons about the philosophy of investing. Sure, they had some great hits along the way, but even for billionaire investors, the game is more about the tortoise and the hare lesson. Most small speculators who make an avocation of [...]
Every investor should thoroughly understand this quote. Within this short nugget is the secret to becoming extraordinarily wealthy. Sir John Templeton Perhaps the Greatest Contrarian Investor of all time, once said. “Bull Markets are Born on Pessimism, Grown on Skepticism, Mature on Optimism, and Die on Euphoria. The Time of Maximum Pessimism is the Best [...]
One of the most important indicators in gauging any major market cycle is the velocity of money (also known as circulation of money). If you want to predict when a market is topping or bottoming, the velocity of money into or out of any asset class will tell you a lot. I came to be [...]

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