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Far too many analysts and self-proclaimed “experts” have been calling for inflation for far too long. It almost feels like a rendition of “chicken little” with everyone [...]
As my involvement in agriculture and farmland related ventures continues to grow, I can’t help but pay attention to the growth in “smart money” flow into agricultural related [...]
The possibility that China will emerge as the “new” world superpower in the next two decades, is in my opinion, a serious possibility. No I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I [...]
In today’s busy world, smart phones, laptops, iPads, breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, dinner meetings, and extra hours at the office is “normal.” As an entrepreneur, I loathe [...]
Farmland Investment Information: http://www.savantinvestments.com/ Unbeknown to many, including myself in years past, there has been a relatively quiet movement amongst pensions and hedge funds [...]
This video is perhaps one of the best, most well rounded common sense approaches to the inflation argument I have seen in a long time. Even more powerful, is the insight into how this billionaire [...]
Investing in farmland? You better believe it. “Consider this: Farmland is real estate, it is a hard asset, it will likely increase in value during inflationary times, it generates income, [...]
Investment icons like George Soros, Jim Rogers, Carl Icahn, Warren Buffett and others have learned important lessons about the philosophy of investing. Sure, they had some great hits along the [...]
Every investor should thoroughly understand this quote. Within this short nugget is the secret to becoming extraordinarily wealthy. Sir John Templeton Perhaps the Greatest Contrarian Investor of [...]
One of the most important indicators in gauging any major market cycle is the velocity of money (also known as circulation of money). If you want to predict when a market is topping or bottoming, [...]

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Jordan is actively involved in real estate as the CEO of Savant Investment Partners, a national real estate advisory and investment firm. As a former fund manager and private capital financier, Jordan has nearly $750 million of real estate experience under his belt in nearly every genre and facet of real estate.

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